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          1. Investigator-Sponsored Research

            Mission Statement

            Gilead Sciences actively supports research efforts conducted by third parties on Gilead's marketed products or within therapeutic areas of interest to the company. This research can provide valuable information regarding the safety, efficacy, pharmacology, and tolerability of Gilead's products and supplement the comprehensive data generated in registration studies. Gilead supports research through either the Investigator-Sponsored Research (ISR) Grant Program or Request for Proposal (RFP) Programs, which focus on specific populations and topics. If you are interested in applying for support for your research, please see below for further instructions.

            Investigator-Sponsored Research Grant Program

            Gilead provides ISR grants primarily in our therapeutic areas of expertise and based on the scientific merit of the proposal. The research must be intended to contribute knowledge to the medical community. The budget must be reasonable and appropriate for the proposed work. In considering applications for support, Gilead will also consider the expertise of the proposed principal investigator and any sub-investigators, including their experience in the relevant therapeutic area, demonstrated ability to successfully conduct clinical trials, and available resources.

            Your proposal will be considered by one or more cross-functional committees that meet routinely to review ISR proposals. Gilead may make suggestions to improve the scientific merit of the proposal and enhance consistency with Gilead's support approval criteria described above, although as the study sponsor, the principal investigator will have full and final discretion and responsibility for all aspects of the study design, implementation, data analysis, and data dissemination, including compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to research sponsors. The terms under which Gilead will provide support must be contained in a written agreement. Gilead provides no guarantees that the research grant will provide support for your proposal.

            To apply for an ISR grant please click below.

            This online application form must be completed in full. Any questions can be directed to your Medical Scientist or to vt_general_requests@EnvisionPharmaGroup.com.

            Request For Proposal Programs

            In addition to our ISR Grant Program, we currently have RFP programs, seeking research projects in specific population and topics. These programs represent Gilead’s commitment to address unmet patient needs in therapeutic areas such as Cell Therapy, HIV and Liver Diseases, and include innovating methods for screening, diagnosis and access and linkage to care; addressing gaps in care for specific populations; and understanding disease epidemiology.

            Therapeutic Areas Currently Accepting Letters of Intent:

            If you are interested in applying for a RFP program, carefully follow the instructions outlined in the RFP and Letter of Intent (LOI) documents for the program. Do not submit the online ISR application form until you have been invited for a full application.

            Any questions can be directed to your Medical Scientist or the email address listed on the program materials.

            HIV Prevention

            Liver Diseases

            Hepatitis B

            HBV CARE

            Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

            PSC PACE

            Programs with Closed Submission Windows

            * LEGA-C “Local Elimination Programs Leading to Global Action in HCV”

            Some of the content on this page is not intended for users outside the US.